I’m Natalie Duncker, and I am a landscape artist working in acrylic as well as watercolour.

Although I currently live in Hertfordshire, UK, my influences come from having grown up on the South African East Coast and lived on the beautiful tropical island of Zanzibar. The warm ocean winds, hot dusty sand, rugged African landscapes and its spectacular flora are my happy place! I love spending time interpreting an image or landscape, and creating a lasting visual statement.

While I enjoy letting my creative juices flow and playing around with my art, commissions have become a wonderful challenge. The great thing about taking commissions is that I’m obligated to stretch my creative boundaries to include someone else’s idea. They may have bought into my style or ideals, but at the end of the day the painting will be in their house, in their space and needs to vibe with their energy.

Each piece that is commissioned is a one off and could never be repeated. The process can be quick -or slow- it depends on the subject, the requirements and of course communication. Each step is outlined and discussed and the person commissioning the piece has as much creative say as I do.

If you would like to discuss a commission or discuss a particular painting, I’d love to hear from you.


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If you would like to know more about my paintings, or handmade crafts,
please feel free to get in touch.
I am happy to discuss a particular piece, or a commission.

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